Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Enjoying flooring..

I have finally got some space in this workshop of mine, the platform I used as a flat surface to build the side panels on has now gone and I am a woodworker again.
  I have moved the trailer out into the space a little so I can get all the way around it and jacked it up level on its stabilisers,  feels really steady now.
   Then. This afternoon I started to really enjoy myself,  I finished cutting and laying the underfloor insulation and started laying the floor.  This feels like a major step forwards..

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Tim shaw, st ives

This afternoon my boy and I went to st ives to see tim shaws latest show, the origins of the drummer.
   I have seen quite a few of the pieces out of context in the workshop at the yard but not even that is a real preparation for the intensity of the works in their rightful place, la corrida is a truly superb, a dark brooding masterpiece.   Highly reccomended.

    Check it out..

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The sides are on...permanently!

Finally.. I have finished both sides of the trailer, and its now defintely looking like a caravan.
    The clearcoat glassing process is probably the most stressful job I have ever done,  as the epoxy resin tends to develop tiny cloudy bubbles if you overwork it. You basicly get one go to get it on with the brush, then one go with the squeegee the consolidate the resin into the cloth.  Any more movement than that and it starts to get a little messy. 
   Having covered now almost 28 sq metres, I feel almost confident to do it again..