Thursday, 22 September 2011

moth mayhem..

So. having sold my fast car, which was an enjoyable toy and a great build project, I have used a bit of the funds to buy a different toy,
        a moth dinghy!.

I have been wanting to have a go at taming one of these since I was a kid, and now finally am able to fulfill  the fantasy..
   for those who aren't aware of these they are just about the most extreme boats out there, they are a development class with very few rules,  basically 11ft long up to 7ft wide and with 8 sq metres of sail,  this has resulted in the current boats having hulls of around a ft wide, with wings on the sides to help stay upright, and the development of hydrofoils  enabling the boats to fly at incredible speeds..

  The one I have brought is about 15 ys old, so in terms of the class it is obselete, however it still has the potential to be fantastically quick,
    I now have to learn to sail it.
    my first sail was as close to carnage as I can imagine,   the boat is the most tippy unstable thing that you can imagine sitting on, every single move results in it either falling over on top of you or, as you try to balance it falling over the other way,  i capsized  at least 5 times in approx 40 mins,  but lordy it was fun.
   hopefully over this chilly winter i will master this beast.. i will keep you posted on the progress.....

Monday, 19 September 2011

inside/ outside!

Well.. i have been busy,  sadly a little too busy to post, 
     but i do now have an inside, and an outside,    the process has been a long one, as i'm discovering the best way of doing things as i go along,  i do wish there was a manual for this sort of thing... but hey.
   Now i have an inner skin the electrics can start to go in,  then i will close in the shell, 
    While the electrics are happening i'm gonna crack on with various interior parts,  I have made the bed frame, and have just finished the rear bulkhead, which is a frame that also  ties into the seating area and overhead lockers, 

 anyway. pics...

 framing the roof...

 and the rear end...


 details of the joinery..

 roof in.. all panelled
 bed frame, during glue up..
 bulkhead frame, coming together..

 all in,   now with the outer parts of the seating tied into the frame ,

 thats it!   i'm getting there, it is a real pleasure to be finally building interior parts.