Saturday, 31 May 2014

Back on the horse..

Well, such a long term between posts,
My only real excuse is that I have been doing the stuff I should have been posting about...
Since finishing the caravan I have been up to lots of other varied and interesting things,
I have taken on the design and build of a particularly complicated timber frame sunroom/balcony/spiral stair contraption that I will be posting about. Also I have helped build a carbon fibre cherub dinghy for a customer and am currently in the process of building a full carbon hydrofoil moth dinghy for myself..
Probably the best thing I have had a hand in over the past year, and one of the main time zappers is my/our new daughter marcella rose,
She won't get posts devoted to her but I will try to catch up on everything else...
This is just a reintroduction for me to the blog world, and more will be following. Shortly I promise...
Cheers.. Dan.