Sunday, 24 April 2011

the flying teatray!

it floats!  finally i have got the boat on the water,
      the mission was fun, but started to drag towards the end, started to get in the way of slightly more important things like work and personal life, ha...  from knowing nothing about boat building i'm pretty happy with the result,  i now need some wind!  

    the first time i actually tried to sail the boat there was very little wind but i figured that a gentle start was a good way to go,  as i rolled down the slipway the mast step broke,  this was based on windsurf parts and i figured that it was born to fail. so... i have milled out of aluminum a quick release ball joint as a new mast step, this should be pretty much indestructible so i'm happy there,  also the floor was a little to soft under my knees so i have reinforced the central area with some small ribs and carbon tape,  a huge difference!
    i am now ready to give the thing a proper sail,   whoop!  hopefully in the next few days, so will  keep the updates coming...

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