Saturday, 12 November 2011

more! more!...

Well,  I blog again, with a few choice movements forwards,  since the last post I have fallen in love with mothing... I don't think I can think of anything as exciting as the feeling of total mayhem that comes from time on the water on the little beast,  roll on warm spring winds...
    I have also been cracking on with the trailer build, with the breakthrough of electrics bringing  another layer of complication the the job,  thankfully I have the help of another with this and I think we are getting somewhere... we are currently close to having a lighting system. woo hoo!  if feels good to finally see some systems going in..
   also I have been working to close in the interior,  finally covering up the insulation for good...   its funny how the sense of space alters as these changes occur,  having put plywood onto the walls the trailer felt a lot narrower, but having painted then it now feels wider than ever, really spacious....   it really feels like a great place to live.
 finishing the seating frames,    a lot of funny angles to get the ergomomics right,  slightly more upright at the sides of the trailer then at the back, which feels much more like a sofa.

 all in...  ready for upholstered panels., however, the lot still needs to be removable for the instalation of electrics and wall panelling.
 framing for the front bulkhead,  this will stop any flex in the front of the trailer and provide the frame for the sliding doors into the bedroom.

 with the panels in place.
 electrics first fix, batteries, inverter, consumer unit, 12v distro blocks, all ready to go.
 the beginnings  of the kitchen,.

 the draws will all run on greenheart runners, this is a super hard tropical timber that used to be used as bearings for ship propellor shafts, it is self lubricating and an absolute bitch to work, however. best for the task at hand.... 
 i don't know what i'd do without those clamps..

   so....  getting there.   not so long now.


  1. Wow beautiful craftsmanship. I wish I could build things like that! I'll have to check back to see the finished project.

  2. I love this. You are an artist, nothing less. I want to see this when you've finished it.
    Take care,

  3. Been a while - any updates? Would love to see it now...