Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Let there be light !

Exciting times...  The trailer is finally self lit,  over the past few weeks the various fittings and wiring have been finding their way into the trailer. This has culminated in a final push to get it lit.. The lighting is all low voltage smd led bulbs in some really nice cast aluminum aurora light fittings switched with old school toggle switches fitted to custom aluminum backing plates.
     At the same time as this has been happening I have also been putting the finishing touches to the kitchen carcasses,  these are now in and substantially strengthen the body of the trailer,  there is a really strong link between the inside and outside of this beast. I don't think the shell would really work without the stiffening effects of the interior.
 The switch backing plates in the machining process, they are 3mm ali plate,  cut, drilled and countersunk then brush finished.

                                        with the switches in place, the twisty knobs are for dimmers.

                                          a few different views of the interior lit up from within.....

                                         showing a fair idea of the proportions of the final layout...

Afew here of the seating frames, showing the slightly complicated set of angles joining the side seats to the back.              

 And finally a couple from outside to get an idea of how its going to appear at night...

Enjoy.  Dan.


  1. Hi Dan, love the caravan, very nice work. Do you have an e-mail I can contact you on? I'm a woodworker working very close to you I believe, it'd be great to drop by some time and check it out.


    Richard (in Mabe)

  2. This is so, so cool Dan. Well impressed!

  3. Whoops, me again :-) Just put a comment on your previous post but missed this one.

    Any updates? Must look great by now....